Learning On Twitter- Edition 13.0

Hi, It’s been a while since I found myself writing this. But, I found some really cool things on the internet to say “Sorry”.

Here we go:-


  1. Something worth checking out!

  1. A good thread summarising learnings from Late Don Valentine, Founder of Sequoia Capital

  1. Read for hacks, Come out with Ideas for Distribution ;)

  1. Doing Introductions on Email 101

  1. What is a brand? THIS!

  1. This article is a gem, Must read if you are building a startup.

  1. Y Combinator is a University

  1. On timing a startup well

  1. GitHub and growth

  1. Founder-Market Fit

  1. One gem of a Marc Andresssen Interview


  1. Request for Startup

  1. Some inspiration to end this Edition

In other news, I have joined First Cheque, an investment fund focusing on Early Stage Startups in India.

That’s it for today. Follow me on Twitter at @ankitr0

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