Learning On Twitter- Edition 13.0

Hi, It’s been a while since I found myself writing this. But, I found some really cool things on the internet to say “Sorry”.

Here we go:-


  1. Something worth checking out!

  1. A good thread summarising learnings from Late Don Valentine, Founder of Sequoia Capital

  1. Read for hacks, Come out with Ideas for Distribution ;)

  1. Doing Introductions on Email 101

  1. What is a brand? THIS!

  1. This article is a gem, Must read if you are building a startup.

  1. Y Combinator is a University

  1. On timing a startup well

  1. GitHub and growth

  1. Founder-Market Fit

  1. One gem of a Marc Andresssen Interview


  1. Request for Startup

  1. Some inspiration to end this Edition

In other news, I have joined First Cheque, an investment fund focusing on Early Stage Startups in India.

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Learning On Twitter- Edition 12.0


I am back after some weeks. Last few weeks have very much given me an existential crisis of sorts where I am trying out figure out some things in life. I did meet a girl though which is noice ;)

Back to best tweets I have seen in the past few weeks now:-

  1. Here’s a good approach to look at Threads by Instagram as compared to Path and Google+.


  1. Give yourself some skin in the game and position yourself for maximum upside

  1. WORD

  1. Tactics given by Kumar

  1. In case you have some free time today, explore this :)

  1. CHECK!

  1. Pure Inspiration

  1. Cultural Capital, Personal Branding and etc.

  1. Self Education is the REAL DEAL

  1. Perseverance pays

  1. Go Learn React in “10 Tweets”

  1. On Why Eric Weinstein in LIT

  1. One more TOIT Thread

  1. Unpair these things :)

  1. AirBnb, Uber, Lyft, Stripe, Doordash, Bird/Lime, Y Combinator, Robinhood are all good examples here!

  1. “They bonded over multi hour podcasts”- Erik Torenberg

  1. Good Thread!

  1. One more TOIT Thread!

That’s it for today.

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Learning On Twitter- Edition 11.0


This is Ankit here writing from this beautiful place called Goa. It’s really beautiful. Don’t believe me? See below!

Now, back to the best tweets I found in the past week!

  1. One thing I want to build!

  1. An E-commerce company has the third largest Online Ad business in India

  1. JUST ASK[Also, don’t forget to follow up]

  1. Why world needs more products like Stripe Capital[FYI: Banks suck]

Twitter avatar for @patio11Patrick McKenzie @patio11
We launched Stripe Capital today:
stripe.com/capital It offers extremely fast, data-driven access to working capital in advance, based on your business' activity on Stripe. This was my #1 ask of Stripe as a customer for 3 years running. I'm so happy we're rolling it out.Stripe Capital: Flexible financing in as little as one dayAccess the funds you need to grow your business. Stripe Capital provides access to fast financing with one flat fee and flexible payments.stripe.com
  1. Hiring Remote is an edge. One of the few reasons I am so bullish on Remote Work!

  1. Want some inspiration for the upcoming landing page for your product? Check this tweet out :)

  1. Some fantastic things to read here.

  1. Under-explored areas of the Internet

  1. Guess which one?

  1. This is beautiful

  1. This is my latest favorite tweet of mine!

This is it.

This is the newsletter.

GOOD BYE! [@ankitkr0]

Learning on Twitter- Edition 10.0


This is Ankit here and thought I’d give you an update about my life. I have a ridiculous amount of free time these days which I use to read random stuff on the Internet. I also started a small project called, SCENIUS, as a place to put up best minds together and see what happens. You can join our Discord below!

Join SCENIUS Discord

Now, let’s dive straight into the tweets :)

  1. There may be an Interesting Opportunity here

  1. Enterprise Sales is as hard as it gets

  1. I have been writing investment memos on companies since the past few weeks, and my theory is you can’t have a greater moat than “community”.

  1. Someone needs to build this ;)

  1. Just a reminder folks(!!!)

  1. Instagram as a Search Engine

  1. Fun Answers here

  1. The tweet that took over the Tech Twitter!

  1. The number of people leaving India!!!!!!

  1. My favorite tweet of the week.

That’s it for this edition. Bye!

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Learning On Twitter- Edition 9.0

YC, WeWork, Habits, Entrepreneurship, ISAs and more :)

Hi, This is Ankit here again. I am at this again!

Here are the best tweets I came across in the past 7 days.

  1. Let me know if you find a more Interesting Prospective on Entrepreneurship

  1. Bull Case for WeWork

  2. Best Analogy related to ISAs ever?

  1. What other startups do you want?

  1. YC 2019 Batch Summarised

  1. Super Interesting Thread here

  1. Looking to build a Personal Brand? Check this :)

  1. Also, I launched something :)

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